How We Give Back

At Seatone Consulting we believe in giving back to community-based conservation initiatives that are doing great work and need our help. One of our favorites is the Placencia Mooring Masters (PMM), a group of marine tour operators and concerned citizens in Placencia, Belize who install and maintain a network of mooring buoys in order to reduce anchor damage along the Belize Barrier Reef system.

PMM was established in 2006 with two small grants from the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). However, maintaining moorings over time across a large expanse of reef requires sustained revenue, a marine tourism sector committed to sustainable practices and countless volunteer labor hours. To date Seatone has raised more than USD $10,000 for PMM by hosting annual benefit concerts in San Francisco, California.

“Our efforts to promote sustainable marine recreation along the reef could not be sustained without the ongoing support provided by Seatone’s fundraisers,” says PMM Coordinator Marion Carr. “Donations have been used to purchase equipment, install and maintain moorings, design educational materials and offer incentives for tour guides who commit time and labor to support the program.”

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. The reef is a vital natural resource for Belizean coastal communities like Placencia, yet is threatened by overfishing, pollution, climate change and the rapid growth of unsustainable coastal development and marine tourism. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the reef a World Heritage Site in 1996. It is the crown jewel of the Belize tourism industry.


 2011 benefit show1 Kinky Buddha Benefit Show sm 2012 benefit show2 Poor Mans Whiskey Benefit Show sm 2013 benefit show3 Joy and Madness Benefit Show sm 2014 benefit show4 New Monsoon Benefit Show sm
  • The Belize based Placencia Mooring Masters
  • Constructing the mooring balls and riser lines
  • Heading out to the reef to install moorings
  • Final step of the reef mooring installation
  • Sitting on a mooring instead of anchoring

Seatone Core Service Areas

  • Conservation program development, implementation and evaluation
  • Protected area design, management and performance evaluation
  • Fisheries management, aquaculture and sustainable seafood
  • Situational assessments, feasibility studies and strategic planning
  • Facilitation, conflict management and consensus building
  • Standards development and sustainable business guidelines/best practices
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Mentoring and professional coaching