Our Core Values

Seatone Consulting’s mission is to help government agencies, stakeholder groups and the public to collaborate and create durable solutions to the world’s most pressing biodiversity conservation and sustainable development challenges. 


Our work is driven by the following core values:


Honesty and integrity. Character and values are foundational to the Seatone brand. We practice honesty, integrity and principled collaboration in all our working relationships.


Openness, creativity and innovation. Active listening is central to what we do, with clients and stakeholders. We want to hear what you think, then help you design creative and innovative programs and projects that address your needs, aspirations and challenges.


Positivity and humor. Work at the nexus of people and planet can at times be daunting and stressful. We bring encouragement, levity and a positive, solutions-oriented approach to all our client engagements.


Mentoring and professional coaching. We believe in sharing our knowledge and facilitative skills with individuals, organizations and institutions from around the world that are working to improve resource conservation and foster sustainable development.


Commitment to professionalism. We consistently deliver exceptional services and products on-time, within budget and with a view toward maximizing client satisfaction.

  • Promoting sustainable fishing practices in Belize
  • 2011 CaMPAM 'Training of Trainers' for MPA managers
  • Collaborative conservation planning in the Bahamas
  • 2015 Mesoamerican Reef Leadership Program Fellows

Seatone Core Service Areas

  • Conservation program development, implementation and evaluation
  • Protected area design, management and performance evaluation
  • Fisheries management, aquaculture and sustainable seafood
  • Situational assessments, feasibility studies and strategic planning
  • Facilitation, conflict management and consensus building
  • Standards development and sustainable business guidelines/best practices
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Mentoring and professional coaching